Music News 5.18.16

New GarageBand Upgrade Includes Traditional Chinese Instruments. 

Apple’s GarageBand app has received a very specific update this week: the addition of traditional Chinese instruments. They also added some opportunity for finesse. You can add a note bend or rapid picking to the Chinese pip guitar, and trills and glissandos to the erhu. And the move to expand appeal to a Chinese audience doesn’t stop there. Apple also added sharing options for two of Asia’s most popular social media networks, QQ and Youku, and iPhone 6S users can take advantage of the apps 3D features to gain additional control of the new instruments. Want to play with these instruments, but not sure what to do with them? Apple’s got you, with an array of modern and traditional Chinese music templates to get you started on your venture in digital music making.




Scientists Discover A New Way to Categorize Music 

When was the last time someone described a band’s sound to you in fewer than 4 or 5 genres? And after they’ve told you that it’s jazz fusion meets classical meets outlaw country, you still can’t imagine what they must mean or whether you’ll like it? Well, a team of scientists from McGill University, the University of Cambridge, and Stanford has found a completely new way to categorize music. The system catalogs songs based on three things: Arousal (how intense the music is), Valence (spectrum of emotions), and Depth (the music’s level of intellect and sophistication). It’s basically matching music suggestions with your personality. The findings of the research are useful to music therapists and music engineers alike, as the three attributes allow therapists to have more success with their patients, while Google Play can better anticipate what you want to hear the software matches you up with a playlist for your mood or activity.




Fun Fun Fun Fest Future Revealed Next Month

It seems we’ll have our questions surrounding the future of Fun Fun Fun Fest answered next month. Bobby Garza, the general manager for Transmission Events, said they are fully committed to keeping business as usual, and are looking into available dates for Auditorium Shores that don’t conflict with events at the Long Center or Palmer. But if they don’t have dates, they don’t have bands, so will it be a race to get a full-fledged festival the size of Fun Fun Fun off the ground in under six months?




-Taylor Wallace

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