Music News 4.3.17

Roland and Ace Tone Founder Ikutaro Kakehashi Dies at 87

Ikutaro Kakehashi, founder of the Roland corporation, passed away on Saturday at the age of 87. Before paving the road of modern music, Kakehashi spent the 1950s repairing electric organs while running his own electrical appliance shop. In 1960, Kakehashi founded Ace Tone, the musical instruments manufacturer that eventually became Hammond Organ Japan, and is considered by most to be the early incarnation for the company that cemented Kakaehashi as a legend. Roland was founded in 1972 with the mission to mark the pace of modern music. Roland is famous for producing many drum machines and synthesizers including the 909, 101, 303, and of course, the 808. The Roland TR-808 debuted in 1980 and upon landing wove itself into the fabric of several genres, in particular laying the foundation for hip-hop and techno with the 808-s iconic bass and sizzle. The 808 has run the spectrum of modern music, from Kraftwerk to Whitney Houston.



Daryl Hall’s Music Venue Expansion Plans Get Halted Due to Occupancy Violation

Daryl Hall is in throes with the town of Pawling, New York over the community’s initiative to have his live music venue reduce its maximum occupancy from 318 to 198. This comes as Hall draws up plans to build an outdoor stage on his venue Daryl’s House Club, and follows a notice given to the music hall in early March saying it head count was well over capacity, which has effectively halted production on the outdoor stage. Pawling Supervisor David Kelly says the Daryl’s House Club has a long history of ignoring state and local code, namely through violations overselling the club’s parking lot. Hall says that if he’s forced to comply with the new maximum occupancy, he’d have no choice but to shut down Daryl’s House Club, as well as it’s live music program Live From Daryl’s House, that last year alone featured Kenny Loggins, Cheap Trick, and Elle King.



-Taylor Wallace

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