Music News 5.10.16


The death and lack of posthumous wishes from Prince has prompted the Minnesota State Legislature to consider artist protection when it comes to using a recently deceased person’s likeness or name for commercial purposes, basically, protect their posthumous publicity. Enter the PRINCE Act: Personal Rights in Names Can Endure. If passed, the bill will protect artists for 50 years after their death and retroactively apply to all musicians who have passed within the last half-century.




The Art of Rap Tour Hits Austin

Ice-T is following his 2012 documentary film Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap, with an eight-date touring festival. And he’s bringing along some hip-hop heavyweights. Naughty By Nature, Public Enemy, Sugarhill Gang, and others will be joining Ice-T on tour to follow-up his enlightening documentary exploring the history and artistry of rap music. The Art of Rap Tour comes to Austin on July 17th.




What’s the Deal with These Secret Shows?

If you have almost anything to do with Facebook, you’ve probably seen, been invited to, or are even crossing your legs with excitement over the recent popularity of secret shows happening at strange places over the city. We’re not talking about White Denim popping up in a parking lot; we’re talking about Nine Inch Nails at a South Austin HEB or Metallica and Sum 41 at Sonic. These events seem to have arisen around the time Levitation Fest was cancelled and replacement shows began popping-up everywhere -many of which were legitimate, while others, like Ty Segall’s poolside acoustic set at a La Quinta, were a little too farfetched to be true. While most people have taken these events in jest, they’ve served as a bit of a nightmare for the social media teams of these companies, who on top of responding to dozens of personal inquiries, are scrambling to snuff out the rumors altogether.




-Taylor Wallace

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