Music News 5.4.16

Desert Trip Passes Range From Not As Expensive As Expected…Up to Being As Expensive As Expected.

The Rock Legend “megafest” happening this October on the Coachella grounds has been given the official name of Desert Trip. They’ve also announced the schedule and ticket prices for the affair. 3-day passes start at $399 and go all the way to $1,599, but you can also buy single-day tickets for $199. Each of Desert Trip’s three days will showcase two of the six artists, who will play full sets starting at sundown. Full sets, not the abbreviated set times of today’s festivals. The $399 passes piece out to under $100 to see each act, making the pilgrimage to Desert Trip festival potentially viable and well worth it for those seeing this event as a “Bucket List Fest.”




Prince “Nothing Compares 2 U” Public Radio Simulcast

Today at 5:07, public radio stations across the country (including KUTX) will simulcast Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U.” The time is anything but arbitrary, marking “Seven hours and thirteen days,” since his death, coinciding with the song’s opening line. All listeners are encouraged to tune-in, and record videos of themselves singing along, laughing, crying, or just reveling in the moment, and share it on social media platforms with #NothingCompares2U.




We Still Miss Liberty Lunch Benefit

Do you still miss Liberty Lunch? Are you one of the 3,500 members of the Facebook page? If the answer to either of these is yes, you’ll be pleased to hear (if you haven’t already) that the ABGB is throwing a “We Still Miss Liberty Lunch” event next month to benefit HAAM the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. The show will include members of Wild Seeds and Pressure, the Reivers, and Fastball, and there’s talk of a silent auction comprised of Liberty Lunch memorabilia curated by former owners Mark Pratz and Jeanette Ward. The shindig goes down on June 18th.




-Taylor Wallace

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