Music News 7.13.16

Beyond the Beyond Takes You Through the Music of His Films

When you see a David Lynch film, it sticks with you, probably forever, for better or for worse. And along with the disturbing-borderlining-brilliance that his films have visually and narratively, the music also tends to leave a deep impression. A celebration of the music of the films of David Lynch has been captured in a new book, titled Beyond the Beyond: Music from the Films of David Lynch. The book features photos and memorabilia from the decades of Lynch’s film archive, interviews with artists including the Flaming Lips, Lykke Li, Karen O, Duran Duran, Jim James, and a live CD from last year’s David Lynch Foundation Benefit Concert. Beyond the Beyond is out now.

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 13: Artist David Lynch at the opening of his exhibition: Between Two Worlds at Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) on March 13, 2015 in Brisbane, Australia. Lynch is the director of such movies as "The Elephant Man", "Blue Velvet", "Mulholland Drive" and the TV series "Twin Peaks." (Photo by Glenn Hunt/Getty Images)

DJ Obi New Gunniess World Record Holder for Longest Set Played

There’s a new Guinness World Record holder for longest DJ set played. Nigerian DJ DJ Obi performed for 240 straight hours between June 22 and July 2 at a Lagos café without breaking either of Gunniess’s parameters: someone must always be dancing, and no single song can be repeated in a four-hour time period. DJ Obi was given a five-minute break every hour, but reports that he started hallucinating after four days without sleep. His set beats the 200-hour set by Polish DJ Norbert Selmaj 2 years after taking the title.



Creem Magazine is Center of New Documentary Directed by Founder’s Son

The legendary and influential Creem magazine, founded by record store owner Barry Kramer and in circulation from 1969-1989, is the subject of a new documentary called Boy Howdy! The Story of Creem Magazine directed and written by the founder’s son, J.J. Kramer. During it’s two decades of circulation, Creem cultivated a tastemaker reputation, offering prominent exposure for artists such as Lou Reed and Iggy and the Stooges, coined the term “punk rock” in an issue in 1971, and toted a staff that included Patti Smith and current Pitchfork contributor Greil Marcus. You can check out the trailer for Boy Howdy! On our website.



-Taylor Wallace

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