Music News 7.15.16

Put This In Your Pocket and Stroke It

The popularity of travel and pocket-sized synthesizers is growing. Companies like Korg and Roland have already joined the game, and the company ZONT is looking to up the ante. ZONT has announced their pocket synth. It’s the size of a smartphone, has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, has a built in sequencer for composing on-the-go melodies and rhythms, and an optional dock for MIDI and RCA connections, but the big difference is its 4 interchangeable sound cartridges, a new feature in the travel synth market as a whole. ZONT has also promised a number of collaborations with famous producers and DJs on some of its presets. The ZONT Synthesizer will be available next autumn.



Radiohead Wants YOU! (To Make Their Next Video)

Since the release of A Moon Shaped Pool, Radiohead have been regularly releasing short vignette’s created by various artists that coincide with one of the album’s tracks. Now, the group is at the end of the series, and they’re calling upon fans to create the final vignette. Radiohead has released a minute-long alternative version of their song “Daydreaming,” that interested fans and entrants can download. There are no stipulations for the video, just that the audio itself cannot be altered in anyway. All entries must be submitted via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using #RHVingnette. The deadline is July 30th at 6 PM CST.


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