Music News 8.5.16

TheWaveVR Lands Seed Money to Bring You “VR Spotify Meets Twitch”

Austin and LA-based company TheWaveVR Inc,. has closed $2.5 million in seed funding from at least 3 firms. TheWaveVR is a virtual reality music platform designed to enable you to view, host, and socialize in live shows happening all over the world. That is, the virtual reality shows being put on by other users. The technology allows users to create and perform music in a virtual space that other users can join in as well. The platform only supports the creation and performance of electronic music, a global industry currently netted at being worth about $7.1 billion. The platform will be able to connect via virtual reality devices like Oculus and Samsung Gear VR, Android and iOS devices, and more. The beta for The Wave is set for some time between October and December.



80+ Artists Are Coming Together for a One-off, Non-Profit Performance Piece in Berlin

Members of Bon Iver, the National, and about 80 other artists are coming together for a non-profit, collaborative art project and performance piece in Berlin. All involved will spend a week workshopping and rehearsing together for a 2-day performance at Berlin’s historic Funkhaus described as being “about new material, collaborations, unique arrangements, and dissolving borders.” The event has no commercial interests or sponsors, and the ticket prices are only to offset production costs. The event is totally freeform, meaning specific details about the event itself will be withheld until the audience arrives. The currently unnamed event takes place in Berlin on October 1st and 2nd.




-Taylor Wallace

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