Music News 9.13.17

CoA to Rework Music Venue Loan Program

The City of Austin music office is looking to rework its music venue loan program in an effort to expand its use and allow businesses to gain more by taking advantage of it.

In 2012, the city’s music office launched a low-interest loan program to assist any business with amplified sound with sound mitigation measures. Designed as a way to provide a buffer between entertainment venues and downtown residents, the restrictive language and stipulations of the current program keep most of the city from taking advantage of loan. City music office employee Bryan Block is looking to add a “second track” to the loan that would allow businesses to use the money to add other augmentations to their establishment that will increase their revenue and the unique live music experience they are able to offer their patrons. Things like a commercial kitchen or more and better seating.

Block also wants to up the amount of the loan from $35,000 to $50,000 and maybe merge it with other programs to give businesses even more resources and capital to further augment their establishments and make the Austin music scene more inclusive.


Mark Ronson v. Zapp

Music producer extraordinaire Mark Ronson is being sued yet again over copyright infringement on his Bruno Mars megahit “Uptown Funk.” This time legal representatives of Zapp and Roger Troutman are after the Grammy-winning producer for allegedly ripping off their 1980 track “More Bounce to the Ounce,” specifically, in the first 48 seconds or so of “Uptown Funk.” They’ve filed suits against Ronson and several producers in an effort to halt the plays and sales of the 2015 long-running chart-topper, and cite an interview from Ronson awhile back who noted Zapp and Troutman and major influences.


-Taylor Walllace

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