Music News 9.28.16

Kenny Rogers Announces Retirement

Kenny Rogers has announced his retirement. insert joke about gambling and final hands. The 78-year old country legend says that his decision does not come from being in poor health or feeling burnt out from being on the road, but from the feeling that he’s done everything he’s set out to do, saying “I’ve had my turn. Let someone else have it. It’s not that I dislike music; it’s just that I can’t keep doing this and so what I want to do, which is spend time with my family.” Rogers says his career kept him from being a part of a lot of special memories and moments with his older, now grown children, and isn’t looking to spend the last leg of his life repeating the pattern (Rogers has 12-year old twin boys and grandchildren he wants to dedicate his time to). Rogers has sold 120 million albums worldwide, won 3 Grammy Awards, and has charted records in each of the last seven decades totaling 24 No. 1 hit singles and 12 no. 1 albums. In November, Kenny Rogers will embark on the final leg of his final annual Christmas & Hits Tour. He’ll spend the first part of 2017 finishing out his career retrospective The Gambler’s Last Deal Tour, playing his final show on April 8th in Danville, Kentucky. (CoS)



Dash Radio Allows Listeners to Toggle Between Explicit and Censored in Real Time

Sometimes you just want to enjoy your music as it is, in tact in its explicit format. Other times, you’re in mixed company, at work without headphones, or driving people around on your Fasten shift, and committing to fully explicit or full censored music and playlists is a pain and it’s killing your jive. Dash Radio is releasing new technology today aimed at rectifying your dilemma. Allegedly starting today, certain stations on the app will allow listeners to toggle stations between explicit and clean in real time. When you’re scrolling through station options, if a song paying is explicit, you’ll can long press the icon and the station will switch to clean versions until you toggle it back to explicit. The option isn’t available on all stations quite yet, but Dash’s biggest achievement in releasing this technology is that they beat Apple Music to the finish line. (Pitchfork)


-Taylor Wallace


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