A Wolfkeeper In No Man’s Land

That blood-curling howl is for you, friend, courtesy of The Ghost Wolves and Scott H. Biram.

AMM June 22 2024

Scott H. Biram and The Ghost Wolves play tonight at The Continental Club

C’mon. You can handle it. Right?

If you’ve been following the Austin Music Minute for a little while, you know about these wild, relentless fever dreams invading The Continental Club tonight. At 10 p.m., you’ll be baptized in the darkest waters of the most merciless, murderous, raw-riffin’ shreds of the Dirty Ol’ One Man Band himself, Scott H. Biram. And it comes ‘atcha from all directions – rock, punk, classic country, face-melting South Texas blues and all levels of hell and back.

Then, just before the witching hour, a piercing howl will break through the dark veil as these unyielding wolf fangs sink deep in ya neck. The Ghost Wolves unleash a rabid, reckless sonic hurricane of messed up blues, punk, rock, trash ‘n’ noise at ribcage-shaking volume. Meaty paws with vicious claws.

Get your own paws on Biram’s latest album, The One & Only Scott H. Biram, and see the nice ‘n’ bloody video for today’s AMM-featured track, “No Man’s Land.” While you’re at it, it’ll do you good to check out this live performance of “Train” by The Ghost Wolves at Sagebrush.

Two longtime AMM favorites in one haunted night. You best be ready.

Scott H. Biram, No Man’s Land.
The Ghost Wolves – Train, live at Sagebrush.

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