Alien In the Garden

Actually, “Alien” and “Garden” are two new singles by Prehuman. On vinyl. Hell yeah.

AMM July 10 2024

Prehuman singles release at Hotel Vegas Friday, at Holy Wave tour kick off show with Matador Sphere.

Just want to clarify one little detail, because it’s important: This Friday‘s show at Hotel Vegas includes a celebration for Prehuman‘s two new, gloriously brooding singles on vinyl. Not an album, but singles. And make it a 7-inch.

Today’s AMM-featured track “Garden” is described by songwriter/vocalist Ginny Thornton as the “quintessential ’90s break-up anthem,” while “Alien” may well reflect the desolation of solitude in unfamiliar surroundings. Both are locked and loaded with Thornton’s killer bass lines and Charlie Cruz‘s massive grunge-lit shredding, and rounding out the alt.-rock chemistry are rhythm guitarist/backing vocalist Lauren Lakis and percussionist Matthew Judson.

Prehuman will have limited copies of their 7-inch release Friday at Vegas, in a show featuring Holy Wave doing their tour kick-off, and Matador Sphere (formerly Fading Yellow). Doors at 9 p.m.

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