B a s k

Bring on the fuzz, delay and waves of reverb. Last week, local psych/punk outfit Teevee released their new EP B a s k, ahead of their forthcoming album, which will hopefully be completed soon. B a s k offers a four-track preview of the cool stuff that’s on the way, and on the heels of the recent premiere of Teevee’s new ultra-trippy video for “Junk Driver,” the band is releasing B a s k on a very cool cherry-red cassette. Got your boom box cassette deck ready?

Teevee’s cassette release show is tonight at Hotel Vegas, 1500 E. 6th St. Of course, there’s no shortage of rock on the bill with Lake of Fire, Soaked, and Astral Blue.

This will make your Monday much better. Recommended.

-Photography by Brittany Constance.

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