Fist Pumpin’

Who: Multiple elements go into the psychotropic sonic journey of The Big Fist – dance, rock, pop; traditional instruments like guitar, bass and drums, and not-so-traditional synth and electronic soundscapes combined. It reflects the tastes and talent of band founder Geoffrey Earle (the mind behind Fresh Millions), all of which go all over the map. That’s the artistry and the joy of it. So much is occurring, and it all works well together.

What: Fans would love nothing more than a Big Fist album, but Earle and company are concentrating on new singles releases for the near future. And…there are always the live shows, like the one coming up this weekend.

When and where: See The Big Fist this Saturday night at Cheer Up Charlie’s, 901 Red River. It’s a mega line-up featuring A. Sinclair, rock/punk wailers Twin Bitches, Seattle-based electronic hip hop masters Care Package, and local trio of hoodlums Shrines. The music starts at 9 p.m. Sweet deal. Did we mention it’s a free show? So recommended.

Photography by Katie McDowell Photography.

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