Brute Energy

It’s understandable when bands get impatient whenever they’re asked about their “sound” or their “style,” and rightly so. The real energy (you’ve heard the Austin Music Minute rant about this, time and again) is experienced in the live performance. This is something that OBN III’s are adamant about. Don’t rely on a three-paragraph ramble on a Facebook page when you can get more out of their full-throttle, annihilating shows.

The local quartet released their third album this year, the deviously titled Third Time To Harm, following up their 2012 self-titled full-length and their searing 2011 debut The One and Only. Every bit of it wreaks havoc using all the good stuff – punk, garage, and straight up rock made with merciless guitar riffs and chugging beats.

Enough of these words! Make plans to check out OBN III’s tomorrow night at Red 7, 611 E. 7th St., sharing the bill with Pampers and Borzoi on the inside stage. The outside stage will feature Richmond-based weed metal heads Cannabis Corpse, local death metal masters Mammoth Grinder and Santa Cruz, CA metal band Inanimate Existence.

Brutal? Yes. Doors open at 9 p.m. Get those eardrums blown. Recommended.

– Photography by Zac Sprague.

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