Cuts Like Glass

They saunter into the room, donned in very sharp suits, looking every bit the respectable gents. But it’s about to get down and dirty – and that’s why your Austin Music Minute hostess is a big ol’ fan. Make way for the bone-shakin’ rock ‘n’ soul fiends of Mrs. Glass.

Actually (and Mrs. Glass himself is gonna love me bringing all of this up – only not), Mrs. Glass is the front man, vocalist, guitarist and chief songwriter of the trio. Not a missus at all, although I’ve had a field day takin’ the mickey out of him on different occasions. You may recall stories of my taunts of “Where’s your husband at, missus??” across the room at The White Horse, or KUTX host John Aielli‘s now notorious remark, “Mrs. Glass is the ugliest woman I’ve ever seen, but she makes the most beautiful music!” High praise, indeed, in the way that only Aielli could give. Glass is joined in the grooves by bassist Ivan Evangelista and percussionist Ian Fry, and together they fire up some fierce no-nonsense blues-rock jams to heat you up.

Seeing them perform tonight at the Cactus Cafe will surely be a delight. Doors open at 8 p.m. The music gets started at 8:30 p.m. So recommended, baby. Get on out there.

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