Down To the Brass Tacks

The ear-blasting has been intensified. It doesn’t just go up to 11, either. Eleven’s for wussies.

It wasn’t as if Not In the Face! wasn’t kicking ass and taking names as a duo. The 2011 full-length album Bikini got vocalist Jonathan Terrell and drummer Wes Cargal quite a following, both in and outside the Lone Star State. Their notorious, insanely wicked live shows attracted even more fans. Then those hoodlums had to go and add two more band members to intensify the experience. Ear plugs will not suffice.

JT and Cargall invited bassist Ross Dubois (the mp3 below erroneously names a Ross “Bennett,” which is not the case) and additional guitar shredder Michael Anthony Gibson into the line-up. So, as you can imagine, the music is louder, fuller and crazier than ever before, straight-up rock ‘n’ roll unleashed upon unsuspecting ears. The gruesome foursome are poised to release a brand new EP shortly, but you can get your high-octane dose of Not In the Face! at their show tonight at Stubb’s indoor venue, 801 Red River. This happens to be one-a them triple bills made in heaven (or hell, whichever you prefer) with heavy doses of psych-rock from the magnificent Kay Leotard and fellow badass rock outfit The Sweet Nuthin’. Doors open at 9 p.m.

You brave enough? I should hope so. Recommended.

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