It’s the real deal. Nashville artist Hannah Juanita hits all the right heartbreak ‘n’ heartache notes on Hardliner, Juanita’s debut LP delivering country with a more traditional twang, the original call-and-answer of the old school. It’s probably why you feel all them lonely ol’ feels double time, from the album’s pedal-steel starter “Call Yourself My Man” (featured on today’s AMM), on down to the rich conjunto-like swoon of “Love Like Yours,” and the knee-buckling croons on the sizzling “Green Eyes.” Holy hell, just grab your beer, plant yourself at the bar, and sink low as “Big Secret” echoes your very soul…

It must be noted, though, that on this irresistible collection of classic country jams, Juanita pulls no punches. It’s about setting boundaries and taking no garbage from anyone. Or, as Juanita had recently put it, “…being the opposite of a doormat.” Give ’em hell, Hannah.

Juanita’s current tour includes a stop in Austin for a handful of shows, including one happening tonight, Tuesday Nov. 9, at the Far Out Lounge and Stage, 8504 S. Congress Ave. Doors open at 6 p.m., and fellow Nashville songwriter Mose Wilson kicks off the night at 7 p.m.

AMM November 9 2021

Hannah Juanita at The Far Out Lounge and Stage, with Mose Wilson.

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