Hip Hop Stream

Love Austin Music Month, presented by KUTX, in partnership with the City of Austin Music and Entertainment Division and the Austin Music Foundation, is a month-long reminder to support your favorite local artists. Though February is just about over, local music is something KUTX celebrates all year round, and that includes the AMM highlighting live performances by Austin-based artists!

To wrap up this month, here’s another livestream that’s on – fire: The College of Hip Hop Knowledge and ATX Social Club present the Hip Hop Stream on Purple Bee TV. The free show features hosts Big Mic and Mama Duke (“Play This When” from the album Ballsy was featured on today’s AMM), with producer Spred working the beats, and stellar sets by Sill, Muenster, Tony22, Maikeru, Los Kid Brothers, Era Wadi, Nick Cruz & Ruler Why, and many others.

It’s a big gig – the Hip Hop Stream kicks off at 7 p.m. (Central) tonight, Saturday Feb. 27, on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live and via Purple Bee’s website.

Hip Hop Stream

AMM February 27 2021 || Hip Hop Stream on Purple Bee TV

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