In A Holidaze

It’s thirteen years – count ’em, THIRTEEN – of Yuletide mayhem and madness, drinking and carousing, utter failure and dispair in the North Pole, more chaos, maybe more drinking, and genuine all-out hilarity. Listen, Bad Santa ain’t got nothin’ on this crew.

Making its grand, maniacal return to the Sagebrush stage is Wild Bill’s 13th Annual Honky Tonk Holidaze. Wild Bill and company present a tale of jolly ol’ Saint Nick who’s not so jolly and hittin’ the bottle hard, not to mention other…recreational party favors. Will Santa become a honky tonk hero, or is he getting’ sent to the pen for dirty deeds done dirt cheap??

Don’t miss the fun of Honky Tonk Holidaze, coming up this Sunday Dec. 10 and Monday Dec. 11, Yes, it’s still a few days away, but it’s recommended you get your tickets early because they sell out fast. This year’s event features a poetry reading by actor, comedian, writer and OG SNL commentator, A. Whitney Brown. And both shows feature an afterparty performance by Automatic Weekend. You can find ticket info at Wild Bill’s website.

AMM Dec. 4 2023

Wild Bill’s Honky Tonk Holidaze 2023, Sunday Dec. 10 and Monday Dec. 11 at Sagebrush.

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