It’s Time

“Don’t let me go / I’m not prepared / I’m so damn scared / that I’m almost there.”

The photo above was taken by David Brendan Hall. It captures the essence of a Quiet Company show. Taylor Muse leaves his body and something else takes over. The QC fans have always been there for it.

Interesting choice for a lyric selection by your AMM host. Though today’s featured song is “You, Me & The Boatman” (a huge crowd favorite), the quoted lines are from the horn-ringing cinematic outpouring, “Everything Louder Than Everything Else.” Both are from the album We Are All Where We Belong. Every single song is an emotional journey.

There are those who swear by the 2015 LP Transgressor, while some of the QC OG’s don’t hesitate to reference 2009’s Everyone You Love Will Be Happy Soon or even the band’s 2006 debut Shine Honesty. Some remain madly in love with Songs for Staying In, and rightly so. For several of us, We Are All Where We Belong ignited that extra spark that will never go out.

Muse has decided to close this chapter in his musical career, spanning years of so much work, writing, recording, touring, hustle, holiday shows, line-up changes, triumphs, lowest lows, outright bewilderment, blood, sweat, tears, the whole nine yards…and incredible, inspiring music. For a more in-depth story, the AMM recommends Muse’s conversation with Johnny Goudie on the podcast How Did I Get Here?. But for here, just know that newer things are on the horizon.

Fans are flying into town for Quiet Company’s grand finale performance tonight, Saturday Dec. 3, at Mohawk. Longtime pals The Rocketboys and Ram Vela & The Easy Targets are on the bill. The show’s on the outside stage. Doors at 7 p.m. It won’t be cold. Before long, you’ll be drenched in sweat from all the energy.

It seems the Boatman’s arrived. Farewell, but not forever.

AMM Dec. 3 2022

Quiet Company farewell show at Mohawk, Saturday Dec. 3, with The Rocketboys and Ram Vela & The Easy Targets.

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