Misandrist To Most

The best music artists aren’t married to one genre. Lady Dan (a.k.a. Tyler Dozier) wouldn’t be able to stick to just one if she tried. Prior to making her 2019 debut with the EP Songs For the Soulless, Dozier had been listening to all kinds of music. “I just didn’t find my people,” Dozier says in regards to her musical exploration growing up in Dothan, AL. “I was listening to country, psych rock, bluegrass, punk, and old socialist folk.” Dozier eventually made her way to Texas to expand her horizons – and remove the toxicity that was stifling her life.

It made sense to just take in everything sonically and let it all intertwine in a natural evolution on her LP, I Am the Prophet. “I learned how to show my strength, my truth, my self through music,” Dozier explains. “This is my one place to be a bitch if I want to be a bitch. So many of these songs, at their core, are about me reclaiming ownership of myself.”

Don’t miss Lady Dan’s performance tonight, Wednesday Dec. 14, at Chess Club, 617 Red River. The bill includes Little Mazarn and folk pop band Homemade Bangs. Doors at 8 p.m.

AMM Dec. 14 2022

Lady Dan at Chess Club, Wednesday Dec. 14, with Little Mazarn and Homemade Bangs.

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