The sound of Lord Buffalo – that atmospheric diving headlong into the very heart of darkness – is unsettling. And it’s magnificent.

Lord Buffalo fans will testify that their live performances are not merely shows, but almost spiritual experiences charged with revival-tent fury. The tales they weave oftentimes raise the hairs on your neck and leave you looking over your shoulder, or send you on an intense journey inward and leave you brooding or shaken over what you find – perhaps what you may not want to find, after all.

The band has been hard at work at Cacophony Recorders with producer Erik Wofford, putting together their forthcoming album due for release sometime next year. But chances are very good you’ll get a preview of what’s to come when you see Lord Buffalo tonight at The Sidewinder, 715 Red River. They share the bill with Marijuana Sweet Tooth, and cosmic-American cowboy Greg Mullen. Excellent line-up that kicks off at 9:30 p.m. This one is very recommended.

-Photography by Jake Giles Netter.


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