No Pier Pressure

If you’re at all an NPR junkie and a music geek, you might relate to this. There was a magnificent aural experience that NPR’s Bob Boilen shared, “The Story of The Beach Boys’ ‘Good Vibrations'” (2000), that is absolutely mind-blowing. The segment haunted your Austin Music Minute maven for days after hearing it. It literally explained, by deconstructing the elements of “Good Vibrations,” just how Beach Boys‘ co-founder and album producer Brian Wilson was breaking new ground, and became a huge force of musical change during the ’60s – although the general public didn’t quite know it at the time. Yes, certainly the hardcore music geeks of the era may have known and appreciated it more, but…that was still a limited appreciation.

Most people just knew they dug it. A lot.

It was Wilson’s wide-ranging talent, instinct, and introspection that helped put so much more into the Beach Boys’ songs. He had a great love for multiple harmonies and complex arrangements, and began reaching further beyond the ideals of the beach-oriented California sound.

The songwriter and producer remains very active to this day, and he’s currently on the road in support of his latest collaborative album, No Pier Pressure. Make plans to see Wilson perform tomorrow night at Bass Concert Hall, 2350 Robert Dedman Drive, on the UT campus. He’ll be joined by Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin, and starting out the evening is legendary songwriter Rodriguez. Very recommended.

– Publicity photo from The Agency.


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