O, Montana

There’s something really magnificent about our local music community that makes it stand out, and that’s its collaborative spirit. It’s no surprise that a lot of musicians here know each other and become connected through a lot of the same circles, so collaborative projects are a natural occurrence. Such is the case with the simply lovely O, Montana, the latest work by Austin-based songwriter Christy Hays.

Hays has her own band, but she decided to make her EP more of a solo project, and enlisted the talents of an impressive group of musicians to contribute. This is a list of people that your humble Austin Music Minute hostess is totally geeking-out over, including Hays’ friend and O, Montana producer Doug WalsethLindsay Greene, Andrew Gerfers, Kullen Fuchs, Jonathan Terrell (Not In the Face), Ali Holder, Daniel Thomas Phipps and Michael St. Clair.

Chances are very good that you just may see some of these artists perform with Hays at her release show tonight at the Cactus Cafe, 24th & Guadalupe in the Texas Union building, on the UT campus. Leo Rondeau starts the evening out perfectly. Doors open at 8 p.m., and the music starts at 8:30 p.m.

This one’s so recommended.

– Photography by Stephanie Macias.

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