Power Trio

IMPORTANT AMM UPDATE: Please note that Queue Queue will not perform at the Hard Luck Lounge tonight, but The Mystery Achievement, The History Department and Hunter/Gatherer will be playing.

It was a stellar debut made by Queue Queue with their four-song Monster EP, of course just a glimpse into the cosmic awesomeness of searing distortion and hypno-shoegaze waves on their subsequent self-titled release. There’s no denying the punk and psych coursing through their collective veins. But one would expect no less from a trio of badass music vets, each of whom has made her own mark on the local scene and far beyond. That includes guitarist Carrie Clark‘s time with Sixteen Deluxe, bassist Claire Hamilton’s contributions to dream pop band Paraguay, and drummer Marry Streepy with electronic performance art band The Buglies.

Here’s how to spend a rad Saturday night. Catch Queue Queue at their show tonight at one of the Austin Music Minute‘s favorite haunts, the Hard Luck Lounge, 3526 E. 7th St. And it’s one hell of a line-up, with The Mystery Achievement, The History Department, and Hunter/Gatherer. The music starts early, just after 7 p.m. Don’t miss any of it. Very recommended.

-Photography by Gabriela Cavalier.

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