Rock Free

Trust me when I say that it’s been a challenge for your humble Austin Music Minute maven to focus on one Free Week show at a time. How on earth can that be possible? Each year, participating venues give you fantastic shows with no cover charge at the door, and more often than not, it’s a feast of local music for the ears. But there are so many great bills this year. It’s not fair! (shakes fist)

Today’s AMM features a Free Week rock ‘n’ roll overload happening Friday night at Red 7, 611 E. 7th St. Dare to venture out to this one and be given the ride of your life:

– Right. So, it’s rock, it’s punk, it’s who-gives-a-rat’s-fuzzy-butt-because-who-needs-genres?, and anything is possible. Riverboat Gamblers headline this gig, and mind yourself by the amps, lest front man Mike Wiebe clocks you one on the skull as he maniacally swings about the room. Go, Mike, go.

– Feast upon the abundance of “psychic taco rock” brought to you by Hundred Visions. Your pulse will quicken with the frenzy – and you’ll like it. Freak.

– Magnificent. Glorious. Aggressive guitar pop with an unmatched fury. Gentlemen Rogues (whose music is on today’s AMM) hooks you instantaneously. Show no mercy, gents.

– Losing your mind? No worries. Bask in the outrageous, unapologetic fun rock of The Midgetmen, featuring guest guitarist Scotty Loewen of The Blistering Speeds. In. Your. Face.

Friday night. Red 7. Doors at 9 p.m. Be there.

Unless your chicken.

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