Add up the fantastic musicianship, the artistry, and the kind of depth in self-reflective songwriting that comes from a higher plane, and you have the brilliance of Mad Whit, née Austin-based prog-pop master Madison Whitaker, a most astute observer of the turmoil and triumphs ruling the inner dialogue.

Mad Whit’s recent single and video “Yeah, She Said” explores shedding outdated layers in that age-old ongoing battle with the ego, while rebuilding a better and healthier version of oneself. Today’s AMM selection, “Ruminate,” is Whitaker’s ode to preserving that inner light defining the true self that no one can put out.

Heads-up on a must-see performance, happening tomorrow evening, Tuesday June 29: Mad Whit shares a bill with Emily Whetstone (Van Mary) at Meanwhile Brewing Company, 3901 Promontory Point Dr. The show starts at 7 p.m.


AMM June 28 2021 || Mad Whit and Emily Whetstone, Tue. June 29 at Meanwhile Brewing Company.

-Photo courtesy of Mad Whit.

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