Saturday Freakout

OH. MY. WORD. This one will stop you in your tracks. But the AMM recommends dancing and flailing wildly about for tonight’s show at Radio Coffee and Beer, 4202 Menchaca Rd. Or consult with your physician to find out if your heart can handle this chaotic musical spree.

  • Did you know??!! Big Bill…is a band. Upon soaking in that revelation, make sure to lose yourself in the delightful dementia of Big Bill’s Public Freakout Compilation, tangible proof that life can be marvelous despite (or in spite of) various catastrophic or utterly craptastic situations. Eric Cartman‘s vocals encapsulate joy – and terror. Fun for the whole family!
  • The AMM would like to thank resident badass Daniel Francis Doyle for the heads-up on this project. Vocalist/bassist/guitarist Sylvia and drummer Erica join forces with Daniel to construct and deconstruct Wet Dip. Experimental/art punk/post-punk provocateurs. Feed your brainwaves.
  • Terrorize the locals and look SENSATIONAL while doing so. Make way for trash glam/punk outfit Lord Friday the 13th, led by sibs Felix Lenz and Sloan Lenz. And if you’d like to run this full circle – Sloan Lenz designed the fantastical BB ensembles sported by Big Bill in photo shoots and shows. We’re all connected.

The music kicks off at 8 p.m. It won’t feel cold at all with this fire.

AMM Nov. 19 2022

Big Bill at Radio Coffee and Beer tonight, Saturday Nov. 19, with Wet Dip and Lord Friday the 13th.

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