Some Bunny

It’s simply not in the nature of your humble Austin Music Minute maven to conveniently categorize music. Most bands find it useless to list split-hair genres or painstakingly detailed descriptions of the music they make. It gets a bit out of hand. But once in awhile, it’s a delight to see bands getting creative (and a bit silly), like Ghostbunny with this gem: “…fuzzy, bouncy dark disco rock.” It rocks, it bounces, dark and danceable…hello! Fair enough.

Ghostbunny first started playing together in 2011, which is when they released their first self-titled EP, a bit more heavy and on the garage-rock end of the spectrum, but with definite groove-laden pop leanings. Now the badass ‘Bunny takes a flying leap to 2014 and brings along a brand new EP, paired quite nicely with an official City of Austin declaration that states that today, February 6th, is Ghostbunny Day. Celebrations are in order!

That’s definitely the case at Ghostbunny’s EP release extravaganza tonight at Empire Control Room, 604 E. 7th St. And this is a line-up and a half, featuring Featherface, Antiques and The Sun Machine. Doors open at 7 p.m. Recommended.

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