Something More

Sean Mathis

Star Parks is headlining Antone’s for the first time. But what’s next?

AMM May 31 2024

Star Parks tonight at Antone’s, with Hard Proof.

It’s almost annoying. To this very day, people ask your Austin Music Minute host about the My KUTX episode featuring Andy Bianculli of Star Parks. They’re obsessed. Understandably so. Producer Art Levy perfectly described Bianculli’s playlist as “some long-lost broadcast from an imaginary radio station.” You’re floating away on Brazilian psych, and the next moment you’re carried off by a surf rock wave, and then…Burt Bacharach grooves into your space like some smooth badass with a track that made most of us do the face palm thing, because Bacharach and Hal David beat Naked Eyes to the punch with “(There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me” eons ago. Lou Johnson singing it is glorious, by the way. There’s also a 1963 demo out there with Dionne Warwick on it…

To summarize, Andy rules. His impeccable tastes explain a lot about his own songwriting prowess, especially the kind of magic you find on The New Sounds of Late Capitalism. Today’s featured track is listener fave “Oh Boredom (Schmaltz City, USA)”. However, “Something More”seems to hit closer to home recently: “On and on / How long is too long? / I don’t want to be wrong in calling it off / So if I wait / How late is too late? / So I turn around and all the walls just closed in to surround me…”

In a nutshell, your AMM host opened her big mouth to carelessly blurt out that Bianculli is most likely relocating soon, much to the alarm of several fans. Therefore, it’s highly recommended you see Star Parks at their headlining show tonight at Antone’s. Afrobeat/funk outfit Hard Proof is opening the show to get the blood pumping. Doors at 7 p.m. You won’t regret it. Like I regret my big mouth. Ah, life.

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