Space Is The Place

Rev up your X-Wing, Rogue leader. Up ahead, you’ll discover not only crazy interstellar adventures with a bounty hunter hellbent on defeating an evil shaman, but you’ll also have a badass soundtrack to go with it. Yes, it’s your nerdy Austin Music Minute host’s dream of sci-fi paired major grooves, from the imagination of Jank Sinatra and their new release, RumbleJunk & TalkyPop, out today on Spaceflight Records. Can you indulge in robots and the space-time continuum on your album?? The answer is yes.

In celebration of the new LP, Tim Crane – musical mastermind behind the moniker – joins friend and longtime collaborator Sam Patlove for a Jank Sinatra live stream performance at 7:05 p.m. (Central) tonight, Friday July 10, on Bud’s Recording YouTube channel.

Space Is the Place

AMM July 10 2020 || Jank Sinatra live stream show

-Photo courtesy of Spaceflight Records.

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