Spectral Psych

Allow your humble Austin Music Minute maven a moment to sport the Rod Serling tone of voice to begin this particular trip: Imagine, if you will, an hallucinogenic experience done through the use of sound, ethereal images produced directly from what you hear, electronic spectres seeping in from otherworldly soundscapes. Forget the Zone. You’re in with Migrant Kids.

The Austin-based project got its start in Detroit in 2011, when cousins Miguel Ojeda and John Zakoor got together to form a band. After bidding farewell to The Motor City and its freezing-cold winters, Ojeda and Zakoor relocated to the warmer climes of Austin to continue working on their music with the addition of Bryan O’Flynn. Their 2013 self-titled debut is a supernatural psych/self-described “jungle” rock stunner, intertwining breathy, atmospheric vocals and otherworldly vibrations, melodies and mysteriousness. It’s no surprise the trio admits to being influenced by the likes of David Lynch and his startling imagery, and even Russian actor Konstantin Stanislavski and his deeply self-analytical technique.

See Migrant Kids perform tonight at Holy Mountain, 617 E. 7th St. The bill includes sets by Biographies, Play By Numbers, and songwriter Claire Morales. An entirely magical night, by all means. Recommended.

– Photograph courtesy of the artist.

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