Thieves’ Tales

Each tale on Alex Dupree‘s latest album reveals the hustler and the con, the man behind the curtain, a series of illusions kept alive mostly out of survival. And every character is unable to cope with the dose of reality they’ve been dealt.

Thieves itself was born from Dupree’s own challenges and struggles, and in a way, these fictional individuals are an odd parallel to his life experience. Though every character is different, the album sounds almost autobiographical through Dupree’s singular voice.

Don’t miss Alex Dupree at his next show tomorrow, Tuesday Sept. 6, at Hole In the Wall. He shares the bill with songwriter Adam Ostrar and Small Cool World host T.J. Masters‘ music project Guma. Doors at 9 p.m.

AMM Sept 5 2022

Alex Dupree at Hole In the Wall, Tuesday Sept. 6, with Adam Ostrar and Guma.

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