Where Do I Sign?

Local quartet Hundred Visions had released “Where Do I Sign?”, “Hot Trash” and “Go Young” as singles (the latter two on a 7-inch) before their full-length, Permanent Basement, came out in November last year. The singles alone were enough to pique my interest, so that made the album an overall winner for me – high-octane and more accelerated than the usual indie rock fare. Listening to all the tracks immediately gave me the impression that they must’ve had a damn good time making it. Why? Because you can hear it.  It’s quirky, hyper-drive, slightly punked-up rock-pop that flies through your spine. In other words:  My kind of party.

However, the topper was this year’s release of the video for “Where Do I Sign?”, one of the funniest, visually psychotic adventures in fun-fun land I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Check it out when you can.

Meanwhile, you can see Hundred Visions play tonight at Hotel Vegas, 1500 E. 6th St., with devastating garage rock duo Gal Pals and intriguing chamber acoustic artist Quin Galavis. The music gets started at 10 p.m. This will all make you happy. Recommended.

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