My KUTX: James Moody & Graham Williams

In a city crowded with music, do we need another music festival? In the case of Fun Fun Fun Fest, that answer is a definite yes. Now in its eighth year, Fun Fest does things a little differently, from underground music to comedy to, yes, taco cannons. In honor of this year’s festival, we gave Fun Fun Fun Fest creators James Moody and Graham Williams the keys to the KUTX control room for an hour.

Graham & Moody’s List: 

  1. MIA – Paper Planes

  2. Kurt Vile – Never Run Away

  3. Ice T – Colors

  4. Slayer – Raining Blood

  5. Jurassic 5 – What’s Golden

  6. Poolside – Slow Down

  7. MGMT – Electric Feel

  8. The Julie Ruin –  Oh Come On

  9. Television – Venus

  10. Bill Callahan – Javelin Unlanding

  11. Descendents – Bikeage

  12. Tenacious D – Dio

  13. Black Flag – My War

Listen to their FFF8 themed playlist right HERE! 

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