My KUTX: Kiko Villamizar

Jesus Garcia

Kiko Villamizar

My KUTX // January 15, 2022

There’s a lot to Kiko Villamizar. You might have heard the Miami-born, Colombian-raised, Austin-based musician leading his own band or lending his big-hearted vocals to Money Chicha’s latest album. Kiko also runs WEPA, a recording studio that’s as much about teaching creative disciplines as it is about capturing great sound. His WEPA Festival brings beloved cumbia musicians from all over the world to Austin every June. And somehow, Kiko also finds time as a budding stand-up comedian.

On February 18, Kiko releases Todo El Mundo, his third album as a bandleader and a fitting title for all the worlds that went into its creation. With a sound rooted in cumbia and psychedelic soul, the album directly addresses immigration and Kiko’s belief that “everybody is a naturally migrating creature and has the right to do so.” He celebrates the release with a music video out now and a show at Antone’s on February 3.

This week on My KUTX, Kiko is also our guest DJ. For an hour, he digs into cumbia’s storied, fascinating roots, beginning in free Black communities in South America, its migration to Mexico via the accordion, cumbia’s modern merging with hip hop, and beyond. Hear Kiko Villamizar’s My KUTX on Saturday, January 15 at 6 p.m. or anytime in the player above.


  1. Son Palenque – “Adiós Batata”
  2. Paito y Los Gaiteros de Punta Brave – “Merengue Faroto”
  3. Trapiche De Colomboy – “Esa Es La Del Borracho”
  4. Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto – “Maestro Toño Garcia”
  5. Ozomatli – “Cumbia de los Muertos”
  6. Andrés Landero – “Pobres Campesinos”
  7. Son de la Provincia – “Soy de la Provincia” (feat. Kiko Villamizar)
  8. Totó La Momposina – “La Verdolaga”
  9. Kiko Villamizar – “Sembra El Maíz”
  10. Kombilesa Mi – “Endi Loyo”

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