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Summer is nearly upon us. With state parks requiring reservations, pool openings delayed, and the mercury creeping upward, you might be wondering how you’ll the pass these most unprecedented of dog days. You’ve cycled through all the House Party trivia, sewn enough face masks to cover the neighborhood, and your Animal Crossing island is so tricked out it should be featured in Travel & Leisure. Now what?

Maybe you’re parenting school-aged kids, and wondering how you can keep them occupied this summer so you can do important things like, you know, work (as well as hide out in the bathroom for half-hour stretches.)

Let’s not sugar-coat it – the last few months have sucked. But seeking silver linings is a natural human inclination, so if you’ve got down-time, why not use it to learn a new skill? From acoustic guitar to voice lessons to music production, KUTX has a way you (or your child) can level up your music skills, while helping Austin music professionals who are struggling financially from venue closures. It’s a little bit of win-win during a time when we’ve all lost a lot.

Dust off your uke (or drums, or Garage Band, or whatever) and check out our list of Austin-area musicians who are available to teach music classes remotely by clicking the learn button, below. And if you’re a musician who wants to be added to the list (or you know one who is), click the teach button to add yourself (or share this post with them!)






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