Studio 1A’s Best of July


Young Buffalo 7.16.14

The Oxford, Mississippi duo and their awesome band roamed into Studio 1A for some new tunes. This track is yet to receive a name, but is already a solid hit, from the opening chords to the crashing drums. We captured this performance on video, check it out below. Their debut album House is expected to release early 2015.

Jeff Lofton 7.16.14

“Free Jazz Therapy”

Jeff Lofton, Austin-based trumpeter and jazz mastermind, gave away a little “Free Jazz Therapy” for some cool relief of the July heat. The  track is from his 2009 quartet album Jazz to the People, and you can listen to the live performance right below.

Robyn Ludwick 7.15.14


“Hope you’re picking up what I’m putting down, ’cause I’m tired of all this ’round and ’round,” Robyn Ludwick croons out on “Heartache” from her newest LP, Little Rain. Her sincere voice and captivating performance can be found below.

The Crookes 7.16.14


The Crookes, have an invasion sound much older than their time.  Though they came together in 2008 their sounds is eerily reminiscent of 80’s and 90’s  grunge groups like the Smiths, and Belle and Sebastian.  “Sofia” manages to frame a classic love ballet in a new light.  You can hear this new classic below.

Nicole Atkins 7.19.14

Nicole Atkins musical style could be descried as big.  She manages to sweep you up with her reverberating crescendos.  In her song “Red Ropes” she declares “You said you’d show me the ropes / As you tied me to the tracks.” The power with which Nicole Atkins sings makes her truly a must watch, you can listen to “Red Ropes”  below.

The Antlers 7.21.14

Alternative rock icons The Antlers’ sound has slowly progressed from lo-fi minimally produced tracks to larger studio produced albums.  Their latest album has been more of a shift from their traditionally downbeat sound to one that is a little more lively.  “Hotels” is one of the more emotionally charged of these track reminiscent of their earlier work manages to pull at the same emotional cords as past albums and it defiantly one to check out, you can find that live recording below.

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