Lucius #FSRocks 3.12.14

Sixties girl-group sounds inform lots of indie rock these days. But it rarely sounds as fresh or thrilling as Brooklyn’s Lucius,” Rolling Stone said. Or as good. With incredibly rich and lush vocal harmonies, unexpected sonic twists, and a contemporary spin on some old-school sounds, Lucius is indie-pop magic. Two key ingredients to Lucius’ spell are lead singers, Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, whose synchronicity and vocal blends are enchanting to say the least.

Don’t miss the magic of their live performance with us for SXSW at the Four Seasons. It happened on Wednesday, March 12 at 8 a.m., it might’ve been early, but it was great! The audience gave them a standing O when they finished. We have a few pictures too on Flickr.

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