4.14.17 FOXYGEN

photo by Gabriel Cristóver Pérez/KUTX

Spawned from the minds of two high school freshman in a suburb of a suburb of LA 10 years ago, “contemporary classic rock” outfit Foxygen is finally making waves. I call them “contemporary classic rock” because while they have this sort of Rolling Stones meets Jerry Goldsmith vibe, but it also has some of that sardonic wit that’s characteristic of the best indie rock music today. I mean, listening to this stuff is a real trip. They take all of the musical tropes from the golden age of Hollywood and replicate them perfectly; sweeping string parts and punchy horn riffs pervade the record, all recorded directly to tape for an added vintage warmth. Foxygen stopped by Studio 1A to show us some of the tracks of their newest album Hang, check it out below!

– James Parker

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