Bali Yaaah 11.19.19

Photo by Amarachi Ngwakwe/KUTX

Neo-psych rock quartet Bali Yaaah may hail from bright and sunny Austin, Texas, but the band self-proclaims a “fetish for dark moods and trips through the jungle.” The group mixes elements of vintage psych, post punk, and most interestingly Gamelan orchestra, a unique style of Javanese, Sundanese, and Balinese percussion from Indonesia to create their entrancing mystique. Now the band is taking their craft to the next level with their latest EP, Make Belief, discussing social circumstance, false prophets, the cycle of life, and the contradictions of self.

The quartet stopped by Studio 1A in anticipation of the release of their latest EP and their release show at Electric Church on November 22. Listen to the live performance below to get a taste of what’s to come!

– Written by Emily Gruner/KUTX

Host: Taylor Wallace

Audio: Cliff Hargrove, Will Clark

Cameras: Gabriel C. Pérez, Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, Amarachi Ngwakwe

Edit: Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

Producer: Deidre Gott


Bali Yaaah

Full Session with Interview

Bali Yaaah

Feel It (Exclusive Unaired Bonus Track)

Bali Yaaah

Give Me Your Fire (Exclusive Unaired Bonus Track)

Bali Yaaah

The Gravity (Exclusive Unaired Bonus Track)


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