Bedouine 1.29.20

Photo by Gabriel C. Pérez

Singer-songwriter Bedouine wants you to know that she knows about the birds — and she gets it. When creating Bird Songs of a Killjoy, her follow-up to her self-titled debut in 2017, she unconsciously found herself writing more and more metaphors about birds. Hesitant at first about what she feared were clichés, she decided to lean into it instead and embrace the bird motif through the album’s title. But she needn’t have worried — Bedouine’s soft folk is anything but cliché. Gentle melodies form the backdrop that lets her voice, gorgeous and clear, take the spotlight. Her music possesses a poetic quality reminiscent of the classic singer-songwriters of the 1970s, with her lyrics drawing thematic inspiration from her travels and surroundings; on Bird Songs, she muses on the changing landscape of her current Los Angeles neighborhood.

Bedouine is the project of Azniv Korkejian, a traveler at heart. Born in Syria, she spent her early childhood in Saudi Arabia before moving to the United States and spending time in Texas where she even briefly studied at UT and played at The Cactus Cafe. A few moves later, and she eventually ended up in Los Angeles. Bedouine is currently on tour in support of Bird Songs and dropped by Studio 1A in anticipation of her concert at Barracuda on January 29. Gus Seyffert, who produced Bird Songs, joined her on bass.

— Annie Lyons, KUTX intern


Bedouine in Studio 1A

Full Session with Interview

Host: Jay Trachtenberg
Audio Engineer: Jake Perlman
Producer: Deidre Gott
Cameras: Gabriel C. Pérez, José Daniel Morrales, Patricia Lim
Editors: José Daniel Morrales, Patricia Lim

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