Bee Caves @ KUTX 11.20.14

Bee Caves is making a buzz around the Live Music Capital.

The Austin-based alternative rock quintet dabbles with psychedelic rock and southwestern style Americana to create a vibrant and haunting sound. On top of the standard rock instrumentation, Bee Caves also incorporates synthesizer and strings into their songs, resulting in music that can be spacey and electronic at one point and orchestral at another.

Their debut EP Animals With Religion was released in February 2014 and showcases their depth of range as they hop across a diverse set of songs, never fully falling into any particular genre but rather a rich hybrid. Regardless of what type of sound Bee Caves strives for, they always sound comfortable in their element.

You can catch Bee Caves as they open for Sarah Jaffe on Saturday, November 22nd at the Parish. Until then you can stream them right here at KUTX!

– Jack Anderson

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