C.W. Stoneking 6.29.16

CW Stoneking fell for the blues at a young age listening to his father’s collection. From that point on there seemed like no turning back, and this eccentric and wonderful performer carries with him the true soul of blues and rock n’ roll with influences such as Son House and Robert Johnson. As talented in the craft of writing songs as he is at banjo and guitar, CW Stoneking has created his own blend of 50’s rock n’ roll, delta blues, and gospel in creative arrangements of background vocals and horns. With the last record, Gon’ Boogaloo, there is a sense of primitiveness that is held true as it was actually recorded with only two microphones in two days. There’s something to be said about sticking true to your roots, because the record is a gem.

Although CW Stoneking has already left on tour, but enjoy his visit to Studio 1A in the links below!

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