Croy & the Boys 8.15.19

Photo by: Michael Minasi

It’s been ten years now since Bad Boy Croy (real name Corey Baum) left his hometown in the rustbelt and came to Austin, but he hasn’t forgotten his roots in Bowling Green, Ohio—a small town whose duality helped shape the music he makes today. Both the Home of the National Tractor Pulling Championship and a college town, Baum grew up around hard-edged, hard-working people with an eclectic soundtrack (his My KUTX will give you a sense of where he’s coming from).

But the way Croy and the Boy’s sophomore record Howdy Highrise sounds was shaped by his experiences here in Austin. The Norteño music he heard while working as a landscaper, the dance halls he learned how to move, and outlaw country serve as the landscape for the midwestern songwriter’s stories of the home he won’t forget. 

Celebrating the release of Howdy Highrise this Friday (August 23rd) Croy & the Boys joined us in Studio 1A. Check out the session below, and their album release show at Sam’s Town Point this Saturday (August 24th)!


Additional songs from Full Session: “Made Manager,” “Deductibles,” “Hey Baby Que Paso?*,” and “Fuck ICE.”
*Doug Sahm cover



Host: Taylor Wallace
Audio Engineer: Cliff Hargrove
Front of House Engineer: Jake Perlman
Cameras: Julia Reihs, Michael Minasi, Richie Loria

Croy and the Boys in Studio 1A

Full Session with Interview

Croy and the Boys

\"For the First Time I'm Starting to Think About My Age\"

Croy and the Boys

\"It Seems Like You Can't Just Be Poor Anymore\"\"

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