Dan Stuart & Tom Heyman @ KUTX 07.10.2015

Songwriters Dan Stuart and Tom Heyman have teamed up for a series of unique and spontaneous live experiences.

Musician and author Dan Stuart was a founding member of LA post-punk, alt-country legends Green on Red and one half of Danny & Dusty, an ’80’s collaboration with Steve Wynn. However, after Green on Red disbanded in 1992, Stuart released one solo album, a low-key and grimy Americana affair titled Can O’Worms, before leaving music behind for over a decade. Stuart’s solo return came with 2012’s The Deliverance of Marlowe Billings, an album of unapologetic classic rock songs with an enveloping sense of melody, acoustic guitar hooks, Stuart’s both snarling and vulnerable vocal delivery, and a touch of something vital and sinister. Stuart’s follow-up album, Marlowe’s Revenge, will feature Mexico City’s Twin Tones and is set to be released in September 2015.

On the other side of the stage will be songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tom Heyman, who started out shredding with 80’s alt-country rockers Go To Blazes. After the band split up, Heyman served in multiple local bands in San Fransisco in addition to releasing solo material, shaping a sophisticated folk and roots sound slung around his commanding baritone. His latest and third release, That Cool New Feeling, is a collection of melancholic late night tales focusing on solitude and nocturnal life. The two musicians have now joined forces for a short tour titled I-10 and Beyond, saying “since there’s no music business anymore, let’s go out and have some fun.”

Dan Stuart and Tom Heyman stopped by Studio 1A when they were in town and you can stream their full live set right here on KUTX.

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