Dreamboat 12.06.16

On first listen, Austin quintet Dreamboat sounds awesomely similar to the funky country sounds of Little Feat. It’s the harmony-heavy, soul-oriented melodies propped up on funk-pop rhythms, with lead blues guitar tying it all to together that really give of those heady 70s vibes . BUT, then they write songs like Spent The Day Lying In Bed, and you realize how nimble their style really is. The young members gracefully achieve a nostalgic kind of musical color and movement and deliver it in a package of great pop production. Basically, it’s infectious and fun, like reliving the best day you ever had at summer camp.

Loose Tooth is the name of their new album and we love it. Musical critiquing aside- check ’em out. They play on all the coolest stages in Austin and took time to perform for us at Studio 1A, where we caught up with the group and heard their music first hand. Check out the interview and performances below!


– Sam Harrell



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