English Teeth @ KUTX 02.12.2015

Austin band English Teeth make what they call “Texas Indie Britrock”: a politically conscious concoction of old school rock ‘n’ roll that they describe as “4 men, 3 chords and the truth.”

Featuring Kevin Hoetger, Kevin McKinney, Alexander Lynch, Kyle Crusham, and Chris Can, the band creates short spurts of guitar heavy garage rock tunes gleaming with memories of the British Invasion and take stance against commercialism. Their debut EP, featuring the song “Public Domain Protest Songs,” helped launch the website Protest Tunes, which allows users to upload their own protest songs and offers free download compilations. English Teeth will be releasing their new EP next week with a show alongside Derrick Bown and the Kevin McKenney Trio.

You can catch English Teeth playing live at Scoot Inn on February 13th, or stream their music live right here on KUTX.

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