Ensamble Esperanza 8.29.17

The Ensamble Esperanza (Hope Ensemble) is a music project lead by talented Costa Rican musicians that represent not only the music from their country but will take you to a journey to Central America, Mexico and Spain, places that they have fed from, gathering music influences throughout the years and come to Austin to share those experiences. Ensamble Esperanza is performing as part of the Centroamericanto Fest which was founded by Salvadoran singer-songwriter Mauricio Callejas and it is put together every year with the help of Teresita Ramos as co-chair and by a group of enthusiast volunteers who strive to represent the values and traditions of Central American culture with dignity and professionalism. Originally starting as a web portal for Central American music it has since grown to a physical, annual gathering right here in Austin, Texas. The Fest will take place September 2 at the Mexican American Cultural Center. The Ensamble Esperanza stopped past Studio 1A to showcase some of their best stuff.

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