Escondido at KUTX 12.11.13

Deserts are host to both extreme heat and cold, yet an array of peculiar plants and animals thrive under such conditions. The “Desert Rock” band Escondido exhibits an equally impressive range between scorching rock songs and cool, reflective tunes with just enough consistency to tie it all together.

Led by Nashville artists Jessica Maros and Tyler James, Escondido plays a blend of music that calls to mind some of Ennio Morricone’s finest work, merged flawlessly with crunchy tones of atmospheric rock. Where James’ guitar, keyboard and trumpet shapes the desert landscape, Maros’ elegant vocals fly through it like a nightowl on the hunt.

Be whisked away by Escondido’s live performance, right here on KUTX! Be sure to also check out Escondido’s debut release, The Ghost of Escondido.

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